This month is typically tough fishing on Wilson and Pickwick Lakes. As the water begins to warm and fish recover from spawning the bite can be tough. Best bets are bluegills around the full moon on June 15th.  They will be coming in for the second spawn of the season. Fish the same areas you did in May just back out a little deeper. June spawning may be deep as 7-10 feet if the water is clear.

                The tailrace may load up with white bass if we get enough rainfall to generate good current flow. This is always dependent upon river flow. Early morning and late evening action is always best.

                If the first two don’t produce, you can always pursue Mr. Whisker’s. The catfish bite may be slower as well but a few can always be caught. Fish early, late, or at night. Target rocks and gravel bars where mussels and moss are present. Catfish love to feed on fresh growing moss beds in the heat of summer.

                Brian Barton Outdoors will resume fishing excursions September 1oth, I still have a few fall dates open for live bait at this time.

            This month is one of the best of the year for multi species action. There are still a few bass and crappie in late spawning. White bass and stripers will start congregating in the tailraces, and the catfish and bluegill will be at their prime.

            My two favorite picks this month are catfish and bluegill. For eating size catfish there is not a better time of the year to load the cooler. Use chicken livers, cut bait, shrimp, or worms to catch plenty of 1-3 pound fish. In the upper ends of the lakes go to the tailrace and adjacent waters. In mid lake fish gravel bars and ledges of islands and channels. In the deeper lower lake regions, fish bluff walls 15-35 feet deep.

            For bedding bluegill and shellcracker try weed lines and log jams on pea gravel bottoms.

The full moon is mid – May so the second weekend should be hot. I start by dragging crickets and worms on drop shot rigs in 2-5 feet of water. If the action is slow work out as deep as 10 feet. Bigger fish will hold out deeper until time to actually spawn.

            April is my favorite spring fishing month. Every species can be targeted rather easily this month. Early in the month, smallmouth bass will be the target species. The “ Horseshoe “ below Wilson Dam will begin to load up with spawning bass early in the month. The large flats below Wheeler Dam from the turbines North to the lock will provide the same action. Search for bass bedding in 4-9 feet of water in rock piles and gravel bars.

            By mid - month crappie action will be hot in the Second Creek, Bear Creek, and Shoals Creek areas. Search for crappie early in the month along creek ledges, but moving into the shallows to spawn by the middle to end of the month. Target stumps, logs, and brush piles for the best action.

            Catfish will start to fire up as the start to fatten up for the spawn next month. Numbers of eating size catfish will be easily obtained in the tailrace of both dams and also along bluff shorelines on Wilson in 20 to 40 feet of water. For the big boys try Hog, Cox, and Peach Islands. Fish ledges and search out timber in 30 to 50 feet of water.